It’s incredible how TikTok has been changing in the last few months and how unsuspectedly it has shown its potential as a marketing tool, for all the types of industries and businesses.

Currently, there are some TikTok content categories that are more successful than others, but the content is evolving fastly. Going through the list of the rising content categories of this year, lifestyle is one of the first.

This means that TikTok is ready and willing to show to its community other types of content categories and involve them continuously with new videos.

Hotels are not an exception. Despite they’re not part of the top content categories, people are already sharing their travel experiences and opinions, involving also the hotels.

The TikTok community has already shown its interest in these types of videos that, in fact, got already millions of views. Here are some examples:


Hotel in Illinois called Sybaris! They have multiple locations. It’s so clean ! #hotel #VibeZone #illinois #beauty #views

♬ original sound – boldasff

How can hotel owners promote their business on TikTok?

TikTok is a platform where creativity is accepted and appreciated in all its shapes. Originality is the key. If you’re not made for creativity, you can always take the existing examples that got a lot of engagements in terms of views, likes, comments and shares and replicate them for your content remembering always to add your unique touch and not just copy them.

Here’s a list of the best TikTok ideas for hotels:

  • Show wonderful places around your hotel

    If you know how to make curious your followers and the users, you’re already halfway with your marketing strategy.

    One way for attracting your followers is to promote beautiful places to visit that are close to your hotel. Other than that, you can show also fun and unique experiences to do.

    Remember to edit your video in order to make it more engaging by adding trending sounds, filters, special effects and always add relevant hashtags to your caption.
  • Highlight the inside of your hotel

    Show what your hotel has to offer. Start from the services and go ahead with food, rooms, swimming pool, spa, etc.

    If you decide to share this type of video, you should try to point out your USP (unique selling proposition). If your hotel has something that differentiates it from the others, highlight it.

    For example, this hotel has a robot that delivers food directly to the guests’rooms:

Guys, this robot is the cutest thing ever 🥺❤️ It brought me candy! #robot #embassysuites #winnie #hotel #cutestthingever

♬ Shop – Toby Fox

Or show the amazing view from your hotel’s rooms:

  • Show behind the scenes
    You should never forget that TikTok was launched as an entertainment app. For this reason, fun and genuine content are still the most appreciated by the community.

    Also if you own a hotel, you can still share fun moments, your staff at work, their opinions, etc.

Restaurant and hotel workers know karen a little too well #fyp #foryou #hotel #restaurant #worker #karen #okkaren

♬ original sound – imauchabitch
  • Share tips about being in a hotel business

    You can classify yourself as an expert and help other hotel owners with their business. Share educational and interesting aspects about being in the hotel business, from the financial to the social.
  • Partnership with an influencer

    If you want to receive fast results and grow your TikTok profile within a shorter time, you can take into consideration the idea to hire an influencer to promote your business for you.

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