Recent statistics show that TikTok app users spend more time using it than any other social networking platform.

The TikTok app facilitates creativity and entertainment, and it’s no secret. However, so are all the other existing networks.

Thus, the question is: what exactly is the reason behind TikTok’s success?

As it turns out, there are a lot more explanations than you can imagine.

In this article, you’ll find a list of some of the most relevant.

TikTok boosts your mood

Almost all of the users of TikTok say they are happier after using it. 

With TikTok, users are able to take a break from reality by watching entertaining and inspiring videos.

As a result, feelings such as joy, happiness, creativity, and motivation arise immediately after scrolling through the feed.

It is for this reason that people prefer TikTok over any other social media platform or watching TV.

TikTok users always learn something new

Even though TikTok is mainly filled with entertainment videos, educational videos are also becoming increasingly common and popular.

Thus, each time they access the app, users have the opportunity to learn something new. It can be anything from a recipe to a DIY project.

Therefore, the chance to learn something new in seconds increases the time spent using the app.

TikTok encourages co-creation

Challenges and trends make TikTok unique and make it stand apart from other video platforms and social networks.

People enjoy feeling part of a community and collaborating with their friends and family members to create original and entertaining videos.

Likewise, this explains why people spend so much time on the app: they want to find out what the trend of the moment is so that they can replicate it, increasing the chances for their of going viral on TikTok sooner.

TikTok motivates people to take action

In addition to taking part in challenges and following trends, TikTok users also like to be active. In fact, the app encourages them to share videos, like, and comment on them.

This can be particularly advantageous for brands that are interested in increasing visibility and exposure.

TikTok videos do not seek perfection

Users also prefer TikTok because most of the videos are genuine, which makes them spend more time on the app. 

In contrast to Instagram, where people tend to show the perfect versions of themselves, posting professional photos, TikTok aims for authenticity.

The point is that people are easily able to identify themselves with specific situations and behaviors often highlighted throughout videos. 

This contributes to building a powerful community based on similar values and interests. 

Wrapping up

In the end, the only reason that explains why people spend more time on TikTok than on any other social network is that they love its uniqueness.

Through interesting and funny videos, TikTok can make people happier and more entertained. These are the feelings that move people to act and be a part of the community.