Despite TikTok is mostly known for choreography, make-up, and funny videos, as downloads and active users are increasing along the time (as shown in TikTok statistics), more types of content are popping up, and this includes craft content.

Crafters on TikTok are mostly shown their projects or tutorials but in a very short way and by always adding a song in the background.

Most of the videos are inspirational, others are about tips and advice.

TikTok craft content Ideas

The craft world is huge. Finding the content to create about can be difficult and easy at the same time. If you already have a passion and an ability in creating something specific, go for it; if you are a creative person but still you don’t have ideas about what to create, you can take some inspiration from some of the craft ideas shown below:

  • Crochet

    Fiber Flux realizes crochets and the profile got already 70k followers. The videos are mostly tutorials and at the same time, they give inspirational ideas to other crafters about what to create.
  • Miniature Sculptures

    Salavat Fidai is a Russian sculptor who makes miniature sculptures out of pencil graphite. His profile is already official on TikTok with already 9.7 million of followers.

What is your favorite book? 📚 What have you read this summer?

♬ You’re Still The One – Teddy Swims
  • General Creative Ideas

    If you’re not going to realize videos about a specific type of creation, you can always unleash your creativity in different ways and post about general creative ideas and give inspiration to other creators.

    Jeet Boruah got already 2.1 million of followers by posting generic creations.
  • Sculptures

    Sculpture12138 is a page with more than 642 thousands of followers. The page is about sculpting realistic figures with polymer clay.

Why is the playback so low now

♬ 原聲 – sculpture12138

The ideas showed above were only a few of the limitless ideas that you can realize and create.

TikTok is the perfect app for showing the world your talent and you have also the chance to gain from it; in fact, TikTok introduced the Creator fund which consists in awarding talented creators by paying them.

Despite TikTok’s help, you can think to increase your exposure and your sales by yourself; in fact, you can also add your website and your email to your TikTok profile and show your willingness to collaborate and offer your services to other companies/people.

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