TikTok is becoming fast a popular app and a lot of people and businesses already jumped on it.

As for the other social media platforms, posting content with constancy is very important and relevant.

However, sometimes it’s hard to have always creative ideas about what to post. Especially because on TikTok you need your videos to be engaging as much as possible.

Plus, there is a lot of competition that you must try to outclass.

But, don’t worry. If you’re running out of ideas, you can utilise one of the 7 best content ideas showed below.

Content ideas for TikTok videos

  • Share an informative video

    TikTok is investing a lot to help its community #LearnOnTikTok.

    This means that TikTok is willing to give more value to informative and educational content. Its aim is to make the learning more enjoyable and creative.

    So, you can create instructional videos with tips and takeaways trying to engage users and inspiring them.
  • Celebrate special occasions

    From time to time TikTok marks some special occasion (for example the Womens’day) with a specific hashtag.

    Celebrating a special occasion is a good and effective way to capture audience interest and make it more engaged.

    So, always remember to keep track of all upcoming events and most important holidays.
  • Create a tutorial

    Tutorials have been always appreciated by the users. They want to learn something new in a quick and playful way.

    Think about creating beauty, fitness or cooking tutorials, these are the categories most popular on TikTok.

    By creating tutorials, you have a chance to increase your visibility and grow also your other social media accounts, like YouTube.
  • Run a contest

    Contests convince people to create videos of themselves doing a specific action in exchange for a prize for the winner.
  • Partner with an influencer

    Getting influencers is the classic and sure working method to promote your brand or your products.

    Your influencers will think about creating the content and convincing their followers about the utility of your product or service.
  • Create a hashtag challenge

    Hashtag challenges are very popular on the platform now.

    The challenges use specific hashtags to convince users to create videos performing a specific action.

    This method is particularly effective for businesses, because it helps them to gain visibility, awareness and engagement.
  • Cover current events

    Inform the users about current event with humour.


These were only some of the content creation ideas you can work on. Remember that on TikTok, creativity is the word of honour. Try to be original as much as you can.

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