TikTok is not only a platform for dancing and lip-sync videos.

The app showed is potential as a tool for businesses and people who desire to build a digital career.

TikTok is willing to support and award original and constant TikTok creators. The working opportunities come also from those companies who notice talented and popular people on the platform.

There is already a list of TikTok creators who have begun to monetize their fame and their creativity.

The earnings come mainly from sales of personally branded merchandise and sponsored content for big brands, like Sony.

Forbes recently share the list of the seven young TikTokers with the highest earnings in 2020.

Discover who they are below.

  • 7# – Spencer X – $ 1,2 million

    Spencer X devoted his childhood to studying beatbox YouTube clips and he wants to be the first big-time celebrity beatboxer. His dream is coming true.

    He is well known for his music and original sound, produced tracks and comedy sketches.

    He already obtained important sponsorship deals with Uno, Oreo and Sony.

Beatbox makes everything better 😂🔥 @jonklaasen

♬ original sound – spencerx
  • 6# – Michael Le – $ 1,2 million

    Michael Le, an American Youtuber, landed on TikTok with the idea of becoming an influencer and he did it.

    He is known for making short lip-sync and especially dance videos. In fact, he was interested in dancing and choreography since his childhood.

    He likes to record his video with other people, like his 5 years old brother, that already gained millions of followers.

Sound effects in real life PRANK👀🤣 @spencerx

♬ original sound – justmaiko
  • 5# – Josh Richards – $ 1,5 million

    Josh Richards started with moneymaking TikTok videos; then, he started to post dancing, singing and lip-sync content.

    He already had sponsorships deals with Reebok, HouseParty and even a new song-making deal with Warner Records.

    He even started his own businesses: TalentX and AnyEnergy.

Look at these sway boys remembering to give DC: @jah_sigh @colo.cag

♬ original sound – colo.cag
  • 4# – Loren Gray – $ 2,6 million

    Loren Gray’s fame started from a deal with Virgin Records; since then, she has released eight singles.

    Her huge TikTok fanbase, led her to make deals with Skechers, Hyunday and Burger King.

can’t think of a pov so drop urs

♬ 50505050505 – lovew0rm
  • 3# – Dixie D’Amelio – $ 2,9 million

    Dixie D’amelio, Charli’s older sister, became a famous TikToker by creating and exchanging videos with her sister. She is now focussing on her own music career and she recently launched her first single, “Be Happy”. It has accumulated 58 million streams and became the no.1 trending video on YouTube.
  • 2# – Charli D’Amelio – $ 4 million

    Charli D’amelio is known as the most famous TikToker. She started by posting dance videos that went viral last summer.

    After gaining visibility, she got a lot of business proposals. She was invited by singer Bebe Rexha to join her in opening for the Jonas Brothers in Brooklyn and then she was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

    She then started her sponsorship deals with companies like EOS cosmetics.
  • #1 – Addison Rae Easterling – $ 5 million

    Addison Rae Easterling is the TikTok star number 1: she is the highest-earning Tiktoker, reaching $5 million since the last year.

    Easterling started her TikTok path by making choreographed dancing TikToks, gaining 1 million followers in the last October.

    Since then, she started to post sponsored content for Fashion Nova, a women’s clothing store.

    She then became the main global spokesperson for American Eagle gaining even more visibility across digital TV.

    Also, she gave life to her own make-up line, Item Beauty, a joint venture with Madeby, a beauty startup.

These are only seven of the millions of Tiktokers who are gaining and building a real career on the app.

The possibility to gain on the app is open to everyone and TikTok is willing to help and support creative creators and even award them.

Currently, there a lot of ways of making money on TikTok, and you can either choose to build your personal brand or grow your business.

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