The launch of the LearnOnTikTok hashtag determined the willingness of TikTok of being a source for informative and educational content. This new initiative brought to the app millions of people more who were excited to share their knowledge with the whole TikTok community.

It didn’t pass a long time, and the new “microlesson” format has become one of the most popular and effective, especially among the youngest generation. In fact, a video lesson with a maximum length of 60 seconds has the potential to make the teaching straight to the point and as much concise as possible. And it has been proven to be the most efficient way when it comes to learning something new.

Plus, the editing tools that TikTok offers to its users have the power to make the video even more interesting, dynamic and engaging. The editing options are numerous and dynamic; you can add:

  • texts with a different colour, background and font, set the duration of appearance
  • stickers
  • sound or voice recording
  • special effects
  • filters

All of those options and preferences let TikTok become a powerful teaching tool.

But it’s not all.

TikTok is now reinforcing its mission to spread knowledge and informational pieces of content by testing the addition of a new “learn” tab.

Some users have already experienced the appearance of this new “Learn” tab, which is collocated alongside the “Following” and the “For You” sections.

In the new “Learn” section, TikTok users will find every type of educational content and how-to videos, from cooking recipes to math teaching.
The ideas are endless and TikTok is the perfect place for creativity. If the creativity is stuck there are other options where to find ideas for TikTok educational videos and take inspiration from.

Despite YouTube is still the preferred platform for educational videos, TikTok has great potential to become the favourite place for informative content.

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