Thousands and thousands of businesses landed on TikTok. And many more are going to jump on the app soon.

It doesn’t matter the dimension: small, medium and big companies are all welcomed.

What makes the app so appealing, it’s the chance of gaining huge exposure by only creating video content. And the content doesn’t need to look professional, nor require expertise for the creation.

This means saving money on advertising and editing programs. You only need a phone and a creative idea.

This is particularly beneficial for small businesses, which don’t have a big budget, nor a big team to employ on the creation of content only.

TikTok recognizes these needs and aims to support small businesses with many initiatives.

To mention one, for example, the TikTok team created a 60-pages marketing guide to help small and medium businesses thrive on the app.

Here, we’ll not only make it easy for you to download the guide but also summarize the most important points you should not miss.

1. TikTok Advantages


Whatever your business goal is, TikTok supports it. From awareness to conversion, you’ll be able to build and develop the strategy on the app. Whether you choose to promote your video content through ads or organically, you can achieve your business goals on one platform.


Every type of business is welcome on TikTok, and every business has the same opportunity and chances to be discovered by users.


TikTok has a huge user database, including a wide range of ages and cultures.  As a result, you can reach millions of people all over the world and allow your business to gain exposure.


TikTok is the best place for creativity. It allows people to be genuine and show themselves for who they truly are. You don’t need to make your content look polished. Users widely appreciate the simplicity.


TikTok makes you able to get closer to your potential customers, allowing a one-to-one dialogue. For example, through LIVE videos and Q&A sessions.

2. How to reach your audience

Create a captivating business profile

As for a start, create a captivating business profile. Place a representation of your logo as profile picture, summarize in a few words what your business is about, and add a link to your website or landing page.

Attract your audience

Start creating interesting content for your audience and potential customers. Answer their questions, reply to their comments, and invite them to duet or stitch your video.

Keep posting daily

Create as much content as you can. The more content you post, the more chances of getting on the TikTok For You page your business has. As a result, your videos will gain more exposure and interactions.

Follow the trends

Trends and challenges are the soul of TikTok and represent the distinctive elements of the app. This is why you should keep yourself updated with the latest trends and use them for your videos.

Focus on giving value, not going viral

A content without value has no reason to exist or be published. Even you made it adding trending hashtags, sounds and effects, you won’t get the desired results in terms of visibility and enagements.

3. Tips to create an original and perfect video content

Record video vertically

When recording a video, you should follow the TikTok video format (9:16). Recording a horizontal video won’t work as well as the vertical.

Add sounds and voiceovers

Try to make your video as much eye-catching and interesting as possible. To do so, add trending sounds or record your voice in the background.

Add texts

Enrich your video with texts. You can use them to write a step-by-step process, list, or as headline.

Write short captions and add hashtags

Before publishing the video, consider writing a very short caption summarizing in a few words the purpose or content of your video. Other than the caption, add some trending and related hashtags.