TikTok continues to concretize day by day its desire to offer the best and most dynamic experiences to its community.

After the collaboration with Airbnb, this time, TikTok decided to launch a new app called “More on TikTok”. The app has been launched on Amazon Fire TV.

The purpose of this new app is to let TikTok users to dive into the fun and wide world of TikTok directly from the comfort of their living rooms.

The new app features a collection of the most liked and viewed TikTok content. It includes also popular trends, creators, videos and interviews with the users of the app.

Tiktok is actually experimenting to determine how well its mobile video format works on tv screens.

The app will be only a view channel; this means there won’t be any login or account information requirement. Users won’t either be able to upload videos or exchange coins.

The app is free to use, and it won’t have any ads for the beginning.

The More on TikTok app will have two new categories:

  • Spotlight creators, in which there will be put in evidence all the best and most engaging TikTok Creators;
  • In the studio, which will include interviews with stars on TikTok.

The app is already available via all Fire TV devices in the US. Users can just say “Alexa, open More on TikTok” to activate it.

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