Fashion businesses, including big brands like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, are already landed on TikTok. On the platform, they found a possibility to showcase their products in a new way.

Fashion businesses are generally based on creativity and TikTok gives them more chances to show their unique potential to the world. In fact, this type of business can ideate endless options for getting noticed and gaining exposure across all the TikTok community.

They can decide to play with special effects, choose a trending song or to work with influencers in order to grow their profile within a short time.

Below is a list of 6 best TikTok ideas for fashion businesses.

  • Before and after videos

    Videos in which there is a fashion transformation are always appreciated by the users.

    There are a lot of options that you can take into consideration when creating before and after videos. One of the most popular examples is to cut a video in the middle in order to reveal a totally different look or style.
  • Step-by-step or training videos

    Create a video showing how to create a style or look is another perfect way for a fashion brand to engage their followers and reach new audiences.

    By giving step-by-step instructions for getting to a specific final style can highlight you as an expert in the industry and users will give more value to your content by becoming loyal and interactive fans.

LOVE this #clothinghack from @iraalbin ✨ Perfect for your summer weekend away ☀️ #asos #fyp

♬ dolce and gabbana – styleiinspo
  • Behind the scenes

    Show what processes you go through to get to the final product, or even better record your employees while they’re working. Behind the scenes videos always get good returns in terms of views, likes, comments and shares.

Co-create & customize ❇️ the #stylemycalvins community at #calvinklein HQ in #NYC making their #denim #calvinkleinjeans jackets their own. #foryou

♬ original sound – CALVIN KLEIN –
  • Outfits ideas, tips, and advice

    Another option is to create videos in which you or one of your team give tips and advice about a style or what type of clothing are better than others for different types of body.

@dixiedamelio styles the Mini Sloane Bag with our latest #PoloRalphLauren looks. One iconic piece, five ways to wear it. #RalphLauren

♬ original sound – ralphlauren
  • Share fashion news

    Share with your followers and the other users fashion seasonal news and all the trend of the current year.
    You can also show an article or a video from a big brand and add your opinion.
  • Create a virtual event

    A fashion brand can also host virtual fashion shows or events by involving its followers and giving them a unique experience.

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