The increasing of people interested in learning on TikTok encouraged the platform to find new ways for its community to learn and engage with TikTok creators.

This intention brought TikTok to collaborate with the Airbnb platform. The result of the collaboration is a new offer of Airbnb online experiences hosted by TikTok creators for the community.

This new idea benefits both the TikTok creators and the users. In one hand, the creators will have the opportunity to grow their personal brand, awareness and to earn money from their knowledges. On the other hand, the users can learn new skills directly from the comforts of their homes.

The online experiences consist of different types of activities: you can decide to learn how to cook a specific recipe, you can book a fitness class with a professional personal trainer or you can also book a lesson for learning more about photography. The range of topics is already wide, so you’ll have surely the chance to choose one or some of your interest.

The process for booking an online experience on Airbnb is based on the classic, easy and fast booking system used for booking a b&b that you probably already know.

Before booking your class, you can choose a date in which you’d like to participate in the activity. The prices are very cheap, and you have also the possibility to book for more than one person.

For each class there is a limited number of participants; this ensures your lesson to be as much productive as possible for you, and you’ll have also the chance to ask questions and interact more easily.

Despite being a novelty, on the Airbnb platform, there is already a wide range of classes hosted by a consistent number of TikTok creators treating different topics and it is expected a considerable increase in the near future; in fact, Tiktok recently announced also the TikTok Creator Fund to encourage those people who dream of transforming their talents in successful careers.
This fund is destined to grow to over $1 billion in the US in the next 3 years and more than $2 billion globally.

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