After its partnership with Airbnb, TikTok announces a new deal with UnitedMasters, a company that helps independent artists thrive by connecting them with their fans and uniting them with the world’s biggest brand.

The partnership enables TikTok users to distribute the music directly to other music streaming platforms, like Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube.

With this new deal, UnitedMasters becomes the first music distribution company to be integrated into TikTok.

TikTok wants to help artists to make their songs viral and get exposure through the big brands, which will have the possibility to choose a sound to use for their contents into the platform’s Commercial Music Library, where all the songs of the artists that will join UnitedMasters will be stored.

This means that the artists will have more opportunities to reach new fans and transform their talent into a successful career.

After introducing the $200M Creator Fund, this partnership represents another step that TikTok is taking for helping and supporting their talented creators.

“TikTok artists who are creating music in their bedrooms today will be featured in the Billboard charts tomorrow,” says Ole Obermann, Global Head of Music at TikTok. “Our mission is to help those artists achieve their creative potential and success”.

It is clear that being on TikTok is a great start to begin a career, especially when it comes to music. It gives the chance to reach thousands of people and grow the fanbase and the most popular and paid TikTokers are the proof of these words.

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