TikTok was first launched as an entertainment app with the aim to engage people and bring joy around the world.

Now, TikTok is ready to do a step ahead and make the app a useful tool for spreading knowledge on all types of content.

TikTok recently announced a consistent investment in promoting educational content in a short-form format with the utilisation of the related hashtag #LearnOnTikTok.

Some of the #LearnOnTikTok partners include:

As you may have understood from the partners, you can create all types of content, talking about whatever topic you have on your mind.

Let’s now see how you can create your educational content.

How to create an educational video on TikTok

  • Choose your topic

    If you’re knowledgeable on a specific argument, you should spread your experience with all the world. And, TikTok gives this opportunity to you. In fact, you can reach millions of people with your videos and build your brand awareness.

    Creativity is the most important thing on TikTok. For this reason, you can choose whatever topic you like the most, from cooking to craft.

    If you choose a practical topic like cooking, you can show yourself when you’re in action. Show all the necessary steps to get to the final results.

    You can split your video into more parts and assign each part to a step.

    If you choose a theoretical topic, you can show yourself while speaking, your computer or a whiteboard while you write your teachings.

    As you can imagine, the options are endless, you need just to follow your style and make all your content unique.
  • Make your video as much concise as possible

    Users don’t pay attention for too long, especially on TikTok. So, you need to grab the attention in the first seconds of the video and possibly keep it maximum 30 seconds long.

    Remember to ensure that all the important elements are centred into the video and the captions are short and well visible and readable.
  • Have quality videos

    If you want to look professional and you want to gain followers, likes, views and comments, you need to create high-quality videos.

    Furthermore, you have to organize all your videos in detail and make them clear for your followers and the users.
  • Have sound-on videos

    Sound is an essential part of TikTok videos. You can either choose to record your voice or to use a popular song.

    Sound helps to grab people’s attention and if you decide to record your voice, it will help people to understand better your illustrations and the topic you’re talking about.
  • Use the hashtag #LearnOnTikTok

    When creating an educational video, always remember to use the #Learnontiktok hashtag. By adding this hashtag, your video will show up on the for you page of the users that are interested in learning and specifically on your topic.

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