We’ve all been seeing how fast TikTok is becoming a powerful and effective teaching tool; in fact, it is changing and revolutionizing the whole educational world, making it faster and more concise.
Indeed, a new teaching method is becoming popular on the app and consists of microlessons. Microlessons are lessons with a short duration (60 seconds maximum).

Despite there are some oppositions against this new and emergent method, more and more people are approaching the platform and are riding the wave. It doesn’t matter the subject you have knowledge in or the industry in which you operate, TikTok adapts easily and successfully to all types of content.

What makes microlessons so engaging for all audiences, from kids to adults, it’s probably related to the endless options that the app offers to its users: the possibility to edit your video and add texts, sounds, effects and so on. So, the creative ideas are endless, and everyone can experiment with different styles and format and choosing the one that receives the best results in terms of engagements.

If you’re thinking of starting microlessons on TikTok, keep reading; below are shown some tips that will make your educational videos even more special and engaging.

How to edit your microlesson videos on TikTok

  1. Make it faster but understandable
    If your lesson video is longer than 60 seconds, you should increase the speed of your video or at least cut all the unnecessary parts. For that, you can use apps like Splice Video or CapCut.
    The more concise and short it is, the better. Try to focus on the vital points of your lessons and avoid all the useless words.

  2. Add informative texts
    If you want to keep your video short but you want to enrich it by adding extra information, you can add some texts directly on the app.
    Make in evidence all the key-points by making them bigger and organize all the texts.
    Make dynamic all the added texts by setting different duration for their appearance and by choosing different colours and styles.

  3. Add relevant hashtags
    Hashtags are another important element for TikTok. They let your video gain more exposure and make it findable by other users with similar interests.
    Remember to add relevant hashtags to the topic you’re teaching about; so, other users with similar interests will find you easily.
    Don’t forget to add also the #LearnOnTikTok hashtag; this hashtag is very popular and there is an opposite section where all the video with this hashtag are shown.

  4. Add a caption
    The caption describes the essence of your video with a few words. It is important because people pay attention to it and often they choose if watching the video or not on the base of what you wrote.

  5. Add a sound
    If you’re familiar with TikTok, you should know how much importance the app gives to sounds. Furthermore, if you choose a trending sound, it can also help your video get more exposure.
    Pay attention when you add a sound, your speech must remain clear and understandable; if not, modify the original and the added volume by making the latter lower.

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