The concept of TikTok as an app for teenagers and dancing videos is now fallen by the wayside.

TikTok is becoming one of the most preferred apps by the young generations, but also one of the most used by businesses. In fact, they already made TikTok part of their marketing strategy.

The reason of its success could be related to the new way of communicating introduced by the app, based on conciseness and genuineness that engage people with statistics never seen before, if compared to the other social media platforms.

The industries of the businesses present on TikTok are different, from hotels owners, real estate businesses, to fashion brands, but all of them got great results in terms of engagement and exposure on the app.

Despite the platform presents a prevalence of spontaneous and simplistic videos, there has been an increase in the life-style videos category: videos that show luxury hotels, clothes, jewellery and so on.


If you’re looking for me baby, you know you can find me following the sun. #TheGlobeWanderer #TheTravelPro

♬ Following the Sun – SUPER-Hi & Neeka

It’s not just about luxury places. In fact, the TikTok’s Fashion Month showed also the solid presence of luxury fashion brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent.


Making an entrance for #LVSS21 by NicolasGhesquiere.

♬ original sound – Louis Vuitton

So, if you own a luxury business and you’re thinking of integrating TikTok in your digital marketing strategy, keep reading; in the next section, we’ll show you the reasons why you should create a TikTok account for your business.

3 Reasons why luxury businesses should be on TikTok

  • Reach a new and wider audience
    If you already checked the TikTok statistics, it won’t be a surprise knowing that the app has more than 800 million active users that spend a daily average of 52 minutes on it.
    That means you have the concrete opportunity to expose your business to thousands or even millions of people worldwide.

  • Increase the website traffic and sales
    TikTok has recently added the option for business accounts to add their website URL to their profile, increasing the opportunities to redirect your followers and people interested in your business directly to your website and, consequentially, raise your sales.

  • Opportunity to showcase your product or service in a new way
    TikTok offers a wide range of editing tools that will allow you to make your videos more impressive and captivating.
    Be creative as much as you can and explore new ways to show your product or service.

How to grow your luxury business profile on TikTok

  • Add relevant hashtags
    Hashtags are an important element on TikTok because they help your video to reach an audience that has an interest in that topic.
    Plus, when a user searches for a specific hashtag, your video will appear as a result, increasing the chances of exposure.

  • Follow or launch a challenge
    Challenges represent the most engaging activity on TikTok. They can consist of everything from dancing to lip-sync videos.
    You can decide either if launching your own challenge or follow one that is already a trend on the app.

  • Go live
    Going live on TikTok can be a chance to get closer to your followers and to the community in general. You can go live to answer the questions users could have or show them an event organized by your company.

  • Collaborate with other luxuries brands or influencers
    If you want your profile to grow faster, you can collaborate with other luxuries brands with a wider follower database or in the alternative you can ask an influencer to promote and represent your brand.

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