Scrolling the home pages of your main social media accounts, such as Instagram and Facebook, you may have noticed the increase of the appearance of posts with TikTok videos.
This means businesses decided to include TikTok within their digital marketing strategy and make it one of the main platform for spreading their content.

Considering the TikTok statistics, it is not a surprise that businesses reconsidered so quickly the TikTok potential as a marketing tool.
Indeed, if you’re already familiar with TikTok you may have been intrigued by the high number of businesses that landed on the app lately.

If you’re wondering if there is a specific reason behind the migration on the app, here’s the answer: marketing on TikTok is free. Businesses can reach new audiences and grow by only investing in content creation. For this reason, there is no need to spend money on advertising to get exposure.

This means also startups and microbusinesses on TikTok can have a chance to be successful.

If you’re thinking of integrating TikTok in your digital marketing strategy, keep reading; in the next section, you’ll discover how to do it easily.

How to integrate TikTok in your digital marketing strategy

First of all, you should define your TikTok marketing campaign, and choose the main business goal you want to achieve between:

  • Brand awareness
  • Increase the website traffic
  • Increase sales
  • Launch of a new product/service

Once you define your strategy and your goal, you should build a captivating TikTok business profile.

Now that you’ve decided the goal you want to achieve with your marketing campaign, you should take the following actions:

  • Get to know the app
    Tone of voice
    Discover what tone of voice users use on the app. Clearly, TikTok is mainly populated by young generations; so, professional and technical tones are almost excluded. Go, instead, for a simple and friendly language.

    You should know the importance of the trends on the app. The trends can involve hashtags, sounds and effects. They’re important because they can help you get more exposure. So, you need to track all the latest news and trends and use them for your next TikTok content.

    Identify your audience preferences
    You need to know your audience preferences on TikTok. See what type of content they like, what tone of voice they use, and so on. All this information will help you to best implement your marketing strategy.

  • Define your style and format
    Consistency is the best way to get noticed on TikTok and, even more important, to be remembered. So, be original and choose your authentic style. You can decide a particular colour and font that you’ll be using for the text; also, you can be consistent with the filters or light of your videos.

  • Create a content calendar
    Finding a daily idea for your TikTok videos can be difficult; so, creating a content calendar will help you save time, and it’ll facilitate your work.
    It is recommended to plan a 14 to 30 days calendar. You can create it with the ideas to realize or, even better, you can create on advance your videos and post and edit them when it’s time to.

  • Reach your potential customers
    Follow and interact with users that could be your potential customers. By doing so, your profile will gain exposure and you’ll build your brand.

These are the essential steps you need to take when implementing Tiktok in your digital marketing strategy. Despite creating TikTok content can take time and effort, the app can boost your business in terms of exposure and sale worldwide and within a short time.

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