TikTok statistics have shown how rapidly the app is growing and expanding worldwide.
Whereas at the beginning it was only an app for teenagers, now older generations are reconsidering and re-valuating it; in fact, the adult audience grew 5.5 times in the last 18 months.

Also, the content categories are revolutionizing on the platform involving a huge variety of thematics.

But the most important fact to consider is the huge number of businesses that are landing on the platform and the way they’re easily adapting to its style and format.
Businesses have found interesting the new way of promoting and showcasing their products and/or services. It’s not anymore only about creating ads, it’s mostly about realizing engaging and creative videos, and the TikTok ideas for a business are endless and all of them have concrete possibilities to be successful.

If you’re familiar with TikTok, you may already know how the app facilitates businesses; in fact, among the numerous options, it offers also the possibility to add the website URL and business email to your profile. This means you can easily redirect the visitors to your website and increase the chances to gain new customers.

But how can you concretely scale your e-commerce business on TikTok? Keep reading and discover how to do it in different ways.

How to make your e-commerce business popular on TikTok

Once you’ve built correctly your TikTok business profile and your marketing campaign, you can take some other actions to get noticed on the app:

  1. Start following your potential customers
    Once you define your target audience, you should look for it on TikTok. You can find your potential customers into your competitors’ profiles. Check into their follower’s database and start following people that have a high potential to become your customers.

  2. Comment on popular users’ videos
    Another way to get noticed is to comment on popular users’ videos early. This could request time and patience by the moment you’ve to catch the exact time in which a popular user post a new video, but it is an effective way; in fact, first comments are the ones that appear at the beginning and the ones that receive more interactions.

  3. Keep tracking all the trends
    Look up the trending hashtags into the discover section and pair them with popular songs which you can find into the viral sections of the sound’s library.
    Participating in trending challenges can be another way to gain exposure for your business.

  4. Be creative with your content
    TikTok is the app number one when it comes to creativity; so, don’t be afraid to dare with your content: use special effects, write engaging texts and add stickers. Do whatever it takes to showcase your product or service in a new and intriguing way.

  5. Start a contest or a giveaway
    Contests and giveaways are the most successful ways to gain interactions and increase your followers’database. You can create a video in which you communicate to your followers your intention to launch a contest or a giveaway and drive them to take one or more actions (tag 3 friends in the comments, for example).

These were only 5 of the numerous actions you can take to gain more exposure for your e-commerce on TikTok. If they’re not enough and don’t bring the expected results, you can always go for the advertising option. Take as examples the TikTok ads realized by big brands and create your own successful TikTok ad.

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