TikTok took another step ahead to help businesses succeed on the app with the introduction of a new advertising objective.

Started as an app for teenagers only, TikTok is now one of the best and most used apps by all types of businesses.

The facility of reaching millions of people around the world makes this app a winning tool to improve brand awareness and increase sales.

However, the popularity of the app is spreading worldwide. This means more businesses to compete with. In this case, you may need to consider paid options.

TikTok For Business allows you to create strategic ads and reach your target audience straightforwardly.

Recently, the app has added a new advertising objective: the lead generation tool.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, keep reading. In this article, you’ll learn what it is and how it can help you exponentially increase your conversions.

What is Lead Generation?

TikTok’s lead generation is a type of advertising objective that allows you to gather your potential customer’s information.

Basically, you’ll be able to create your ad video, and every time users click on it, they’ll be immediately redirected to an instant form, where they can provide information, answer your questions, or schedule appointments.

Plus, the form is fully customizable.

Examples of TikTok’s Lead Generation usage

You can use the lead generation advertising objective for different purposes and reach several aims. The following are some of the most common examples:

  • Free or trial subscriptions;
  • Pre-sales;
  • Loyalty programs sign-up;
  • Pre-launch product or service registrations;
  • Inform about new courses or programs;
  • Webinar sign-up.

Advantages of using TikTok’s Lead Generation

Form customization

TikTok allows you to customize your form. This means you can gather the information you need in order to reach your goal, avoiding useless or irrelevant answers.

Instant access to your leads data

The information TikTok users insert into the form is immediately available to you. This signifies you can immediately start work with this data and begin the conversion process from lead to customer.

Centered ad delivery

Another relevant advantage of using Lead Generation is the chance of choosing only people who might be seriously interested in your offer and excluding those who might not or who are already your customers. This way, you’ll make sure you’ll get only valuable information.

How to increase sales with TikTok’s Lead Generation objective

Using TikTok’s Lead Generation advertising objective with the only purpose of gathering information is not a good idea. What matters the most is actually the use of that information.

So, here are some tips you should follow to make the best use of it.

Deliver what you promised in the video ad

If you promise a free trial, make sure the user gets access to it. If you promise a pre-sale make sure the lead will be able to correctly access it. Not delivering what you promised won’t look professional in users’ eyes who will probably make a bad impression about your business and start a negative word of mouth flow.

Keep nurturing the leads

Once you’ve delivered what you promised with the video ad, you need to continue nurturing the leads. There are different ways to do it. The most common is starting a focused email marketing strategy. It will allow you to provide valuable and engaging information to the users, and they’ll more be tempted to come back to your website and keep making purchases or subscriptions.

Make and monitor statistics

You should never forget to analyze and keep monitoring the data that results from your strategy. How many leads have you converted into customers? How many of them opened the follow-up email? These, and many others, are all questions you should keep asking about along the process. If ending up with negative data, you may want to consider some adjustments in your strategy. For example, if the email open rate is too low, then try to change the subject line and try adding more persuasive words.


TikTok is growing step by step. It won’t pass a long time before it’ll be the main app for both businesses and personal uses. This is why you should jump on it and embrace the knowledge of all the tools it has to offer.

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