The engagement rate is an important factor for the TikTok algorithm; in fact, it helps you to get more relevance.

So, if you already elaborated a TikTok marketing strategy, it’s now time to improve your follower’s engagement.

By boosting your followers’ engagement, you will ensure that you won’t lose any follower, you will make them more involved with your content and consequentially you’ll increase your engagement rate, becoming more relevant on the TikTok app.

After explaining why increasing the followers’engagement is important, let’s see what actions you can take in order to reach this aim.

Below is a list of 6 ideas for your followers’engagement growth.

6 Ways to improve your Followers’ Engagement on TikTok

  • Pose a question, poll or quiz video

    A question, poll or quiz video is a great way to turn your followers into interactive users; it is a way to your followers that their opinion count and are important to you.

    Try to ask open-ended and concerned question; this way, your followers will feel engaged and loved.

    You can also use ask them for what they’re interested in, what they would like to learn about, etc; so, despite the interactions, you will get also ideas about the topics to talk about in your next videos.
  • Respond to everyone

    After your followers or TikTok users answer your question video, you should respond to each comment.

    People feel appreciated when someone takes into consideration their answers and other users are more likely to leave a comment if they’re sure you’ll answer to their affirmations/questions.

    Plus, by responding to comments, your number of comments increases considerably, and your profile becomes more relevant.
  • Ask fans to make a choice

    Another way of engaging your audience is to provide them with options to choose from.

    They can be options related to your business or life choices; you decide.

    This is another way to demonstrate to your followers that you are curious, and you care about their opinion. Also, you get to know what they appreciate and what they don’t; this way you can make a list of the topics your followers could be interested in.
  • Engage with other brands

    Engaging with other brands helps you to make your brand known more easily.

    This way you can reach results within a time that you couldn’t on your own.

    Remember to choose a brand that is related to your industry; so you make sure that the audience of that brand can be also your audience.
  • Share industry news and hot topics

    Sharing your industry news and hot topics will make your followers more likely to engage with your content.

    Daily news is always appreciated and keep informed people about what is happening in the industry in which you operate.

    So, giving valuable information, you’ll earn trust and authority around the TikTok community. People will be more tempted to follow you
  • Host contests and giveaways

    Contests and giveaways are sure ways to attract more followers and boost your engagement rate.

    By running them time by time, your followers will be more encouraged to follow you.

    It is also a way to let your followers try the product you sell; if they like it, they could become your customers.

For more information about how to increase your TikTok followers engagement, watch the video below:

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