If you’ve got a TikTok account, you’ve probably noticed that there are some profiles marked with a blue checkmark and this means that they are verified accounts.

That mark gives those people’s profiles authenticity, authority, and legitimacy.

Generally, verification is supposed to be only for public figures, celebrities, big brands; on TikTok, everyone can get the blue checkmark by meeting some strict and specific criteria.

Why getting the blue checkmark is so important on TikTok?

As anticipated in the beginning, a verified account symbolizes a person or a brand you can trust blindly, and it also works as a protection fo those popular creators who might be impersonated or copied.

Furthermore, TikTok users are more likely to interact with verified profiles by liking, commenting and share content published by a verified account. This happens for the reasons explained above: they essentially trust them.

So, getting verified could be great for your business or personal brand. You’ll be recognized as an expert in your industry or professional for your passion or talent.

What are the criteria for getting the blue checkmark on TikTok?

The essential criteria TikTok looks at when considering an account for verification are:

  • Consistent daily follower growth: accounts that are getting 500 to 2000 followers per day.
  • Increasing watch time: accounts with videos with a growing watch time.
  • Viral content: accounts that are uploading videos that go viral consistently.
  • Verified accounts on other social media platforms: accounts of users who are already verified on another platform, such as Instagram or Facebook.

What can you do to get the blue checkmark on TikTok?

  • Post consistently high-quality videos

    If you want to get noticed, you need to post consistently; and consistently means more than once per day.

    But quantity should not ever overcome quality. You always need to create quality and successful videos. So, remember to create valuable content that is helpful or highly engaging for your followers and in general for the TikTok community.

  • Try to make your videos go viral

    Making your videos go viral is another criteria for getting verified on TikTok. If you want your video to go viral you need to track all the trending videos and always be updated about the last TikTok news.

    Don’t forget to add to your videos trending sounds and hashtags that you can easily find in the discover page.

  • Engage and collaborate with popular users

    If you want to get noticed faster, you should try to engage and collaborate with TikTok popular users. This will give you much more exposure within a shorter time and your chances to get verified will increase considerably.

    Another option to engage with the famous users is to use the duet or stitch feature. Use them with videos that already gone viral, because you’ll be more likely to appear on the for you page of the users that interacted with that video and you’ll be sure to get results in terms of engagement.

  • Track and check your TikTok analytics

    TikTok analytics offer you the possibility to check important data for the video you posted. You should analyze them consistently and determine which video was successful and what was not.

    Experiment with different types of content and select the one with the highest engagement rate.

Getting verified on TikTok requests time and a bit of effort. So, don’t over-focus on it. Keep your focus and spend your energy on creating a vibrant presence and being a landmark in your industry, and TikTok will recognize your value sooner or later.

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