The for you page is the front page of TikTok, the first page that the users see when they open the app and it’s like the explore page on Instagram.

In this page, you’ll find all the videos that you may be interested in, based on a recommendation engine.

Those recommendations are made depending upon your past likes and follows.

However, there are some tricks that can help your content get more easily on the for you page.

Let’s discover them!

How can your TikTok video get to the for you page?

  • Interactions

    If you want to reach the for you page, your videos need interactions. Only by gaining likes, comments and views you can communicate to the TikTok algorithm that people love and find helpful or funny your content.

    Interactions should be reciprocal. You should like and comment on the videos of other users and receive them in exchange for your videos.

    Remember to like or answer to the comments that users leave below your video; this will help you gaining traction.
  • Always make videos on trending topics and use popular songs

    If you use for your videos trending topics and songs, you increase your chances to appear on the for you page.

    You need to be updated on all the trending topics and songs, as they change very often.

    Participating in challenges could also help you get in the for you page.
  • Use relevant hashtags

    Always keep an eye to the trending and most popular hashtags in the discover section.

    If TikTokers search in the discover section for a specific topic or challenge that you mentioned with a hashtag in the caption of your video, they’ll come across it more easily.

    Add always the #foryou and #foryoupage hashtags into the captions of your videos.
  • Share your TikTok videos in other platforms

    When you share your TikTok content in other platforms, like Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, TikTok gives you more relevance to your video because you’re promoting it.
  • Post at least 2 or 3 videos per day

    The more you post videos, the more chances your content will get in the for you page.
  • Increase the watch time

    Another important factor for TikTok’s algorithm is the watch time (an average of how long people watch your video).

    The algorithm, in fact, favours people watching videos all the way through the end.

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