The engagement rate is one of the most important metrics for the TikTok algorithm. This means that the more interactions your videos get, the more relevant your profile becomes.

The number of interactions is not related to the number of your followers. In fact, your video can appear to all the TikTok users that previously showed an interest in similar content.

If you want to improve your follower’s engagement, you should give enough importance to comments. A comment proves that your video is somehow interesting and deserves to get more relevance. Comments also allow you to engage and get closer to your followers or your customers if you own a business; it’s an opportunity to show how you truly are and share your knowledge with them.

If your videos aren’t getting comments, there may be several explanations and they’re all shown below.

Why your videos aren’t getting comment

  • Boring content
    TikTok users get bored very soon when seeing the same content over and over. For this reason, they could just skip your video.

  • Repurposing videos
    There are some types of content that work on one platform and don’t on another. So, don’t try to repurpose the content of your other social media platforms, for example, YouTube videos.

  • Not using the right hashtags
    If you’re adding to the caption of your videos hashtags that have the highest number of views, but that is not relevant to your content, this may be the reason why you’re not getting comments. You should always add relevant hashtags to your content. Hashtags help your video to appear on the for you page of those people who have a common interest with your content and are more likely to engage with it.

How to get more comments on your TikTok videos

  • Be original and authentic
    Create original content that makes people curious. If you’re participating in a challenge, remember to add your personal touch to it, don’t just copy it.
    Originality and authenticity are appreciated by the TikTok community and it can show this liking by commenting on your video.

  • Write or ask a question at the end of your video
    If you want more comments you should ask them in an indirect way. So, at the end of your video, ask a question to your viewers or write a question in the comments or in the caption.
    It’s like a call to action that will convince users to comment more easily.

  • Comment on other people’s videos
    If you desire more interactions, you should expose yourself to other profiles. Try to comment on other videos and answer to other people’s comments on them.
    People can reciprocate by commenting on your videos.

  • Follow the trends
    Trends are known on TikTok for being highly engaging. People get thrilled about challenges, a particular sound, or a special effect.
    So, track all the trends and replicate them by adding your original touch.

  • Answer to all comments
    Unless you’re so famous to not have time to answer or your comments are so numerous that you can’t answer all of them, you should do it.

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