TikTok is the perfect place for creativity. The app becomes populated with new trends and challenges every day.

One video that goes viral on TikTok can lead users from all around the world to replicating its content. This is how a trend originates.

The trends can be related to sounds, hashtags, and effects. In such a case, replicating the trend will be easy, but what about replicating trending transitions? 

Sometimes transitions are hard to emulate. To record a perfect video transition and achieve desired results, you must follow some specific steps. And not every TikToker who does transitions explains how to realize them step-by-step.

For this reason, we’ve gathered tutorials for the 8 best TikTok transition effects to show you how they’re crafted.

You’ll be able to realize all of them using TikTok’s editing tools only. However, you may want to use some other video editing apps for additional effects.

Let’s dive right in.

360 Video

TikTok 360-grade transitions are videos that show a view in all directions at the same time. This transition can be particularly eye-catching when combined with a background trending song.

The following video explains to you how to realize this effect easily.

Camera drop

TikTok camera drop transition has spread recently. The transition involves showing yourself with a certain outfit and then dropping your phone (remember to place something on the floor so that it doesn’t smash!). For the second stage, you need to record the same scene with another outfit and then apply the reverse effect.

The following tutorial will help you better understand how to realize it:

Change clothes instantly

“Change clothes instantly” is one of the most popular transitions on TikTok. People usually love this effect, especially when they want to show off multiple outfits.

Here’s a quick tutorial that shows you how to realize it:

Floating effect

Floating effect on TikTok videos gives the impression that someone is floating in the air. To realize this effect you may need to record at least four or five videos. 

Start the first video by jumping from the floor and then repeat the recording of the jump many times. In the last step, you need to edit the videos and trim all of them in the extract point where you performed the jump. 

Here’s a video tutorial on how to do it:

Flying objects transition

To realize the flying object transition on TikTok, you need to record a first clip of yourself while throwing objects towards the camera. In the second clip, make another person record himself in the same way as you did.

Once you’ve done that, you can use the TikTok Adjust Clips tool and trim the videos where they’re most similar.

The following video tutorial will help you better understand how to realize this transition:

Perspective grab

The perspective grab effect gives you the illusion of grabbing an object from a distance and having it suddenly in your hand.

To realize this effect, have the back of your hands facing the camera. This way you make sure of completely covering the object you want to grab.

Then, start recording the second video clip with your hand in the same position and then rotate it to reveal the object.

Here’s how to do it:

Sudden reveal transition

To realize the sudden reveal transition on TikTok, you need to record two same identical video clips. Keeping, however, different objects with the aim to display the final product from the mixture of ingredients or products.

You will use the first scene as a setup, while the second scene will be the reveal. 

Watch the following one-minute tutorial and learn how to do it:

Two pieces of content

To realize the two pieces of content effect on TikTok, you need to record two different clips.

The first one will show you jumping and changing clothes (remember to use the same background). Afterward, the second clip will require the use of TikTok’s Green Screen effect and show you as an overlay on top of the first video.

Here’s how to do it: