TikTok is showing to all the world its potential as a creative tool, but also its ease of use for promoting your business both for free and with paid advertising.

TikTok Ads, in fact, can help you to promote your business, get more visibility and reach easily your potential customers.

With TikTok Ads you can pursue and achieve different types of business goals:

  • Video views;
  • Traffic;
  • App installs;
  • Reach & frequency;
  • Conversions.

Now let’s see what steps you need to take in order to create a successful TikTok Ad.

Step 1: Add Creative

Select an image or a video that you want to use for your ad.

You can upload it from your computer or library.

Otherwise, you can choose to use one of the two TikTok creative tools: Video Template or Smart Video.

With the first one, you can use some of the pre-approved TikTok templates; the latter tool instead will automatically analyse your media to create an edited video.

Step 2: Choose a Cover

This step is essential. In fact, choosing a good cover will help you to grab people’s attention. You can upload a personalized cover, or you can choose it from one of the pre-selected images from your video.

Step 3: Preview Your Creative

Check and preview the ad that you just created. The preview will allow you to check if everything is okay or if you need to modify or adjust some of the elements.

Step 4: Enter Ad Name

Type a name for your ad in order to distinguish it from the others and keep them divided. The name is not part of your ad, it’s just a note for yourself.

Step 5: Enter Ad Text

The Ad text will be showed above your ad.

Step 6: Add Call-to-Action

Add a strong call to action like “Book Now”, “Contact Us” or “Download now”. This is the essential part of your ad, because it’s the final step that will convince the users to take a specific action; this action will be part of the achievement of your business goal.

Step 7: Submit

In the end, Click the “submit” button to finally create your TikTok Ad.

As you may notice from the steps shown in this article, creating TikTok Ads is very easy and fast. So, take advantage of all the tools of this powerful app and grow your business!

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