Brands already made TikTok an essential part of their marketing strategy. Through TikTok, brands have discovered a new way to express themselves and reach new audiences. In fact, TikTok offers the consumers an entertaining and non-intrusive commerce experience. This makes TikTok an evolutionary platform for all types of brands.

However, also if on TikTok it’s easy to reach new people and to engage with the users, you need always to take into consideration the competition. This means you need to differentiate your brand and to build a story around it, in order to make it unique and make your followers part of your business.

How can you successfully build a brand on TikTok? There are essentially 4 steps you need to take to build your brand on TikTok and they’re all listed below in detail.

  1. Join the TikTok community.  

    If you want to be part of the community, you need to create like the community.
    Creativity and positive experiences are the keys for the success on TikTok. So, be authentic and don’t overthink about what to post; the TikTok community accepts people and businesses as they are and appreciates them for their genuineness.
    Full-screen, sound-on videos and personalization are the essential elements of TikTok. The for you page is the place where your brand can be discovered by people who have real interests in the product or services you offer; this means you can reach your target audience effortlessly.
    Keep tracking all the TikTok trending hashtags and sounds in the discover section and utilize them for your videos.

  2. Find your voice.

    The next step is to find your voice. The voice indicates the way a brand engages with its community. TikTok staff analysed the brands that have an active voice on the platform and four types of personas emerged:
  • Relatable. This is the voice for brands with authentic, imperfect and approachable traits. The brand is characterized by content that anyone can be related to. This type of brand provides value to its community by understanding and being there for you empathetically.
  • Aspirational. These types of brands have the goal to sell people their dream and allow them to embody it. This voice is perfect for brands with luxurious and high-class traits. These brands provide value with status and influence.

  • Informative. This is for brands who want to share helpful information from a position of experience. Doesn’t matter the field of expertise, from cooking to science.

  • Inspirational. The inspirational brands represent desire, motivation and achievement. This voice is for a brand that wants to inspire people to think differently. The traits are: strong, fearless, rebellious.

3. Explore your creativity.

TikTok offers its users tools for being creative as much as possible. There are creative filters, editing tools, voice effects that make easy the content creation step and the participation in viral challenges and trends. So, be experimental and try new format and content by playing with different sounds and using native tools.

4. Amplify your message.

For growing your brand’s presence you can share your content across the other social media platforms or, in the alternative, you can create TikTok Ads.

These were the fundamental steps you need to follow if you want to create your brand on TikTok.
If your creativity is stuck, you can take inspiration from some of the most successful brands on TikTok.

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