TikTok is continuously updating with the aim to offer users the best experience possible. Since TikTok has become an app for business, one of the most discussed topics concerns the business profiles: how they should look like, what they should be able to do, how they can promote and offer the product and services easily on the app.

So, TikTok is willing to help businesses and to facilitate the reaching of their goals.
Despite this help, businesses should be able to best represent themselves and stand out on the app, and the profile is an important part of this strategy.

Are you curious to know how you can create a captivating TikTok business profile? Keep reading then, below are listed all the steps you need to take and the tips you need to follow.

What can businesses add to their TikTok profiles?

TikTok offers the option to switch a normal profile to a business profile. By switching your personal account to a Pro account, you’ll have the possibility to add:

  • your website URL;
  • your business email;

Plus, you will have the option to access the TikTok analytics. Analysing the data related to the videos is extremely important for a business because it helps to understand and define the audience and consequentially build the marketing strategy.

How businesses should edit their TikTok profile

The first impression is the most important and most of the times, the one that determines your success or unsuccess. This explains the importance to edit your profile in a captivating way.
Here’s a list of the best tips and advice to edit your TikTok business profile:

  1. Profile picture
    The profile picture is the first element that people see when they visit your profile. So, there is no need to explain its importance.
    It’s highly recommended to upload a profile picture of the business logo.
    Upload the same picture that you utilized across the other social media platforms, so people will immediately recognize you and the product or service you offer.
    TikTok also offers the option to add an animate profile picture; you can upload a video and a dynamic representation of your logo. The video is very effective when it comes to capturing people’s attention and it is also aligned with the TikTok style.

  2. Name & Username
    This is easy. You only need to type your business name and choose a related username. If the name of your business has already been taken as username by another user, you can choose another username that will let people recognize your brand in any way.

  3. BIO
    The bio is the place where you have the possibility to write a maximum of 80 characters about what you do and what you offer.
    The best way to write a TikTok Bio is to:

    -write a few words about your brand or business;
    -write a few words about your account or what you do
    -write a call to action (the CTA will depend by the goal your business desires to reach. For example, if your aim is to gain more followers, you should write “follow us”).

    If there is any space left, try to fill it with emoticons, without exaggerating.

  4. Category
    TikTok offers also the opportunity to select a category that best describes your account. Even if it won’t be displayed publicly, it will help the TikTok algorithm to show your content to those people who have a common and similar interest in the same category.

  5. Link other social platforms
    Currently, you have the option to only link to your TikTok profile your Instagram and Youtube profiles and you should link them if you want to be reached and followed on the other platforms.

  6. Videos format & style
    Another important consideration for businesses relates to the videos that they decide to post. In fact, they should be consistent, and the videos should be uploaded with the same format and possibly with the same style. This will help your business to be easily recognizable and to stand out from the competition.

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