Besides from its entertainment main aim, TikTok can be utilised as a tool for exposing your business to millions of people in a fast way.

Once your business gathers followers, you can start your strategy to gain more brand awareness and visibility around the world.

Part of the strategy could be going live stream for your followers. This is one of the most engaging activities that you could take for them.

It’s an occasion to get closer to your potential customers, show and explain your products or services and answer to questions that they may have.

Let’s see what type of live streams options you can consider.

Types of TikTok Live Streams

There are essentially three types of TikTok live streams you can undertake and they’re all shown below.

Funny or entertainment Live streams

With this type of live streaming, you can show your followers and TikTok users who you truly are; The creative ideas are numerous and you can decide to:

-show your team at work or also share a moment of your personal life;
-share a quick tutorial on a tool that you use or for the product or service that you offer;
-share your thoughts on a trending topic related to your business;
-share an event you’re at or even if it’s your own.

Entertainment live streams are a good way to involve and give your followers a taste of what you’re experiencing.

Q&A sessions

This type of live stream will be entirely dedicated to your customer’s questions. With this type of live stream, you can do a live product or service demonstration and answer all the questions that the community may have about it/them.

A Q&A session is a huge chance to show your potential customers that you’re an expert in your industry; this way, you increase the chances to sell your products or services and gain the customer trust and loyalty.

Press releases

The purpose of a press release is to get attention, make news and/or generate publicity. They are particularly effective when it comes to launching a new product or service.

Beyond that, press releases can have other marketing purposes:

-to notify the media about an event;

-to share something about your business;

-to promote your business ‘presence on websites and social networks.

The live streams options on TikTok are endless. The creativity is always the main objective one the platform; nevertheless, you have also the chance to grow your business by taking some known and easy actions.
You only need to choose what is the option with which you feel more comfortable and that best fits your business or industry type.

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