It’s clear that TikTok has become a platform for all types of businesses and the real estate industry is not an exception.

Businesses are starting to prefer TikTok as their main social media platform due to its potential; they can save on marketing campaigns and invest only in content creation.

But how TikTok can effectively help real estate businesses?

Real estate businesses can take advantage of the material they already have and use it for promoting the business through short-format videos.

Actually, they have a lot of options in order to promote the business on TikTok. Below are shown some of the best ideas for real estate businesses.

TikTok Ideas for Real Estate Businesses

There are five types of content that real estate businesses can share on TikTok:

  • Behind the scenes of your business

    Behind the scenes are a great idea if you want your business to succeed in TikTok. This is because behind the scenes videos show genuinely who you and your employees truly are. TikTok is the app for genuineness and not perfection as it may be on Instagram.

    So, show agents having fun and working on their business.

  • Property highlights set to music

    Showing properties is one of the most engaging TikTok ideas for real estate businesses. Remember to place a trending song in the background and to add a description and popular hashtags to your captions.

    Some of the top TikTok real estate hashtags are:


    Always keep an eye on the trending hashtags as they go easily viral and to follow the right steps to find the best hashtags for your brand.

  • Create mini-testimonials

    Everyone knows the importance of people’s experiences and you can facilitate your work by showing and sharing your customer’s stories.

    You can upload videos about your happy customers and ask them to talk about their experience: why and how they do it, what were their thoughts, etc.

    If they don’t want to participate in your videos, you have always the chance to record your written feedbacks and do a voice-over telling more about their experiences.

  • Educate about buying a home

    Buying a home takes a lot of time and effort. But you can make it easier for your potential customers. You can create fast videos and educate your followers.

    You could create videos about:

    -Steps to be pre-approved for finance;
    -How to find the right property for you;
    -Information about the fees that come with a home purchase;
    -Things to avoid before buying a house.

  • Partnerships with influencer

    Working with an influencer on TikTok could help your content and your profile to grow faster.

    You can choose the right influencer by shortlisting them on the base of your industry and interests.

Examples of Real Estate Businesses on TikTok

  • Pillerproperties
  • Dubai real estate
  • dealswithdavid

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