We’ve all been seeing how fast TikTok is growing and how many businesses have already jumped on the platform.

This time, it is not only about big brands.

A lot of small and micro businesses are gaining space and visibility on the app.

There are a lot of successful examples of businesses built from scratch that have grown thanks to TikTok.

In fact, the app can work as a marketing tool with which businesses can promote their products and show them in a new and original way.

Sounds, special effects, texts can help to make your video more engaging.

Plus, there is the opportunity to switch your account to a Pro account that allows you to check your analytics and add your website URL to your profile.

The option of adding your website URL is certainly a great way of redirecting your followers and the users in general directly to your page/website and drive them to take a specific action.

In that sense, TikTok can help you to improve your online conversions. How? Let’s see it.

  1. Show your product or service
    As said before, TikTok videos are a new way of showing product and services. When recording a video, you should make sure to comment on your products/services and highlight all the benefits they can bring to those who will buy and use them.
    For example, if you sell a beauty product, make a tutorial, a before-after, or show the final result.

  2. Offer a limited discount code
    Offering a limited discount code on TikTok is a great way to create that sense of urgency and uniqueness that push people to buy almost immediately.
    You can insert your code in the caption of your video, in your BIO, announcing it while recording your video or during a LIVE.

  3. Host contests and giveaways
    Despite contests and giveaways don’t involve a sale, they can help you to gain more exposure and consequentially they increase your chances of having more conversions.
    Plus, those who will win your product could love it and buy it later on.

  4. Launch Hashtag challenges
    Another way to push people to buy your products is to launch a hashtag challenge. You can establish the rules and make your product a must to participate.
    Or in the alternative, you can launch a challenge only with the purpose of reaching a wider audience and increasing your followers’ database.

  5. Create a TikTok Ad
    If you want to reach more users within a shorter time, you can create a TikTok ad.  Ads are super engaging and you can add a strong and clear call-to-action. Make sure to follow the best practices to create the ad. And if you have a lack of ideas, you can take inspiration from successful TikTok ads created by big brands.

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