TikTok made available for businesses a Pro account, which embeds an analytics tool.

This tool is essential for measuring your TikTok profile growth along the time, but also to improve and accelerate your growth strategy in the future.

In fact, by analysing all the data, you will see clearly what type of content worked the most and what didn’t.

So, it’s important that you discover how TikTok analytics works and what metrics you need absolutely to take into consideration.

How to find the TikTok analytics tool

  • Go to your TikTok profile and click on More (…)
how to find the TikTok analytics tool
  • Click on Analytics
How to find the tiktok analytics tool

In this section, you’ll find the following key metrics to which you need to pay attention:

  • Engagement rate
    This metric includes comments, likes, shares and views.
  • Posting frequency
    The posting frequency is the frequency with which you posted videos in the last 7 days.
  • Trending videos
    This section will show the videos with the fastest growth in view numbers over the past 7 days.
  • Followers growth
    In this section, you will find the amount of people that followed you in the last 7 days.

How to see more video insights on TikTok

  • Open any video from your TikTok profile and tap on more (…)
  • Select “Analytics”

The insights that you’ll see in this section are:

  • Total playtime
    The total playtime indicated for how long the video has been watched in total.
  • Total views
    This metric shows the total number of people who watched your video.
  • Average watch time
    The average watch time indicates how long people watched your video on average.
  • Traffic source types
    The traffic source type is where your video traffic comes from. The sources are: for you page, personal profile, following, sound, search, hashtag).
  • Audience territories
    The audience territory shows the distribution of the video viewers by territory.


This information is important for evaluating the efficacy of a marketing strategy or a campaign. So, keep tracking them constantly.

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