TikTok has become a platform in which all types of brands and businesses can unleash their creativity and get closer to their audience.

The food industry is not an exception, and a bunch of successful brands could demonstrate it.

Luckily food businesses have the chance to be creative at the maximum levels; in fact, the ideas a food brand can develop on TikTok are endless and all of them can be the way for the success of the company.

If you’re part of the food industry and you’re thinking of jumping on TikTok as well but you don’t know how to begin with your content, keep reading; you’ll learn about the best food content ideas and the most successful food brands on TikTok.

TikTok Ideas for Food Businesses

  • Video tutorial about how to cook with your products
    Video tutorials are valuable content for your audience; it can be an opportunity to get closer to them and explain to them about your products, their benefits and how they can be used when it comes to cooking.
  • Testimonials videos
    Create or share videos about your happy clients and your team members in which they explain their experience with your products and that they recommend them.

  • Behind the scenes
    Behind the scenes represent another type of content that has demonstrated to work very well on the platform. The reason could be probably related to the humanity that emerges when posting spontaneous videos; people feel part of it.
  • Funny videos
    TikTok is not a serious and strict platform; in fact, it was first launched as an entertainment app, and despite it is evolving and other types of content are emerging, it keeps its first aim: make people have fun.
    So, don’t be afraid to post something different, such as a funny video. They’re actually the videos with the highest engagement rate and that can help you and your brand to go viral within a short time.

It’s the glizzy for me 😂 s/o to @luky_charmz for this masterpiece #freal #frealaf #frealmilkshake

♬ original sound – LuckyCharmz
  • Challenges
    If you’re familiar with TikTok, you may have noticed that challenges are the most engaging types of content on the platform. So, you should definitely consider them for your business.

5 Best Food Brands on TikTok you Must Follow

On TikTok, there are already a lot of food brands that are promoting and creating content about their products. In particular, there are 5 brands that demonstrate to be able to stand out on the platform and to be able to engage and involve the community in a successful way.
Here is the list:

  • Chipotle
    You surely have heard about this brand. It is one of the most successful food brands on TikTok, with 1.3 million followers. It is specialized in making burritos, tacos and Mexican foods more in general.
    The company on TikTok use to show a variety of content, often and willingly, funny videos.

They say he’s still unsure to this day #chipotle #fyp #comedy

♬ original sound – Chi-vote-le
  • F’real  
    F’real is the shakes and smoothies company. It has almost 700k followers on TikTok, thanks to its creative and original videos.

check me out, check me out… on Instagram since TikTok gets deleted every week #freal #frealmilkshake #frealaf #boombambambadabopboompow

♬ Boom Bababom Pow – bearro ♡
  • My Cookie Dough
    The name says it: it’s a cookies company with already 150k followers and more than 2.5 millions of likes on TikTok.
    The videos show the cookies and the different and delicious combinations for them.
  • Nutter Butter
    Nutter Butter is another cookie company but specialized in peanut butter cookies.
    The types of content they post variates very often, and they include also duets with famous TikTokers like Bella Poarch.
  • Sabra
    Sabra is a company specialized in snacks for kids. On their TikTok page, there are a lot of video tutorials that show how to prepare delicious snacks.

@iamtabithabrown makes quick & easy Chocolate Banana Cinnamon Toast your kids will love. #TabithaBrown #Hummus #Vegan #PlantBased #SnacktoSchool

♬ original sound – sabrahummusdips

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