When you open the TikTok app and land in the For You page, you’ll see videos of your interest chosen by a recommendation system.

People have been asking how these recommendations are delivered to your feed.

Finally, TikTok has recently shared in its newsroom’s page tips and information about how its algorithm actually works.

How it is explained in the article, the system recommends content by ranking videos based on a combination of factors, starting from your interest and sidestep all the content you somehow indicate you’re not interested in.

So, let’s see in detail all the recommendation factors.

What are the recommendation factors on TikTok?

Recommendations on TikTok are mainly based on the following factors:

  • Watch time

    The watch time indicates how long the users watched your video. If the users watch your videos from the beginning to the end, TikTok will consider them relevant for the community and your odds to appear on the for you page will increase considerably.

  • Rewatches

    Rewatches indicate how many times a unique user watched your video. It’s very clear that the more rewatches your video has, the more chances there are for your content to get on the for you feed. This is because the TikTok’s system marks
    your video as interesting and engaging for the users.

  • Like, comments & shares

    Likes, comments and shares are all elements of the engagement rate. The highest the rate, the highest value TikTok system gives to your videos.

  • Favourites

    Favourites are like bookmarks. TikTok users can actually save a video into their “favourites”. TikTok system keeps tracking of the videos saved in this section and it will be more likely to show to those users contents that are related.

    If your videos are saved by the users as favourites, TikTok will give more relevance and value to your contents.

  • Hashtags & Sounds

    Hashtags and sounds are an incredibly important part of TikTok systems. In fact, as you may have noticed from your TikTok analytics tool, people can also find your video also by searching the sound and/or hashtag.

    Therefore, their use can be crucial for the appearance of your content in the for you feed. So, try to always use trending and relevant hashtags and sounds.

  • Location

    TikTok’s algorithm gives heavy importance on where your content is posted from.
    Videos are recognised and distributed locally within your geographic location for several reasons. One of them is that your content will most likely resonate with those within that same region.

  • Device and account settings 

    TikTok system keeps into consideration also the language preference, country setting, and device type of users.

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