TikTok is growing very quickly and getting noticed on it is becoming harder.

Still, nothing is lost. There is just an easy route to follow day by day in order to see your profile growing.

First, if you want to succeed on TikTok, you should know how to create and share videos in the best way possible.

It’s not just about having high-quality video and a good story to show on it.

In fact, if you want to get a lot of reactions and views for your video, you should know some specific tricks.

Before publishing a video, always remember to apply the suggestions showed below.

How to create a perfect video on TikTok

  • Write a strong hook at the beginning

    The first impression is the most important. People decide if continue to watch, like and comment your video or scroll directly down, based on how your video starts.

    If the beginning is not impactful, the results will be disappointing.

    For this reason, you need to be sure to grab people’s attention within the first seconds. So, try to start your video with an assertive claim.
  • Always use a trending song

    Trending songs are the most appreciated on TikTok.

    You should always choose a trending or popular song to play in the background of your video.
  • Keep it concise

    When you’re editing your video, make sure that it goes straight to the point.

    You need to make it impactful and engaging. So, cut all the unnecessary parts and make it as short as possible.
  • Clearly describe it with captions

    Always place a caption for your video. Best captions on TikTok are personal and relevant to the video.
  • Use relevant and super simple hashtags

    Hashtags on TikTok are very generic. So, there is no need to choose specific and long hashtags.

    Go to the discover section, choose one or more trending hashtags that are relevant to your video and type them into the caption.


By applying all these tips, your videos will be more appreciated by TikTok and its community and your profile will grow faster.

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