We have all heard about TikTok, both for its advantages and disadvantages. Some people and businesses are still considering if it’s the case to jump on it.

As for any other relatively new social media platform, there are a lot of questions and doubts.
However, TikTok has been showing to be a great app for businesses that desire to reach a new audience, acquire new customers and also build a brand.

Fashion businesses, beauty brands, hotel owners, photographers and even crafters have all starting using TikTok to promote their businesses. And the results in terms of views and engagement rate for all of them are incredible.

What’s even more interesting, it’s the way influencers went so successful on TikTok reaching a huge amount of followers. It’s not only an entertainment matter, influencers actually can build a successful job on the app. In fact, influencers are the highest-paid TikTokers.

But what does exactly make TikTok a great app for influencers? Below are listed some of the most reasonable answers.

Why TikTok is a perfect app for influencers

  1. Higher organic reach
    TikTok offers the possibility to reach thousands or even millions of users by only investing in content creation. This means you can reach a wide audience for free, without spending on advertising.

  2. Unique and creative content
    The TikTok app offers all the necessary tools for creating engaging and original videos. You can play with sounds, special effects and texts. Everything is on the app, so you won’t have any need to install other apps to create a successful video.

  3. Higher traffic to your website and other social media platforms
    By adding your website and linking your other social media accounts, you have the chance to redirect the traffic to them.
    So, you won’t only have the opportunity to increase your followers’ database on TikTok, but also on your other accounts.

  4. Easier and faster exposure
    By being constant and investing your time on content creation, on TikTok you have infinite growth opportunities and consequentially you can get noticed more easily. So, it won’t pass a long time before businesses will start to contact you.

  5. Earning opportunities
    There are a lot of ways to make money on TikTok; Going live and joining to the creator fund are two examples. With the first, you can ask the participants of your live stream to support you with coins that you can then convert into real money; with the latter, you can earn on the base of the engagement rate you reach with your video.

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