TikTok has become a platform for all types of businesses. The reason could be related to the big opportunity that the app has to offer: exposure in front of millions of people by only investing in content creation.

The potential of TikTok as a free marketing tool has expanded worldwide and now, businesses have a lot of competition to face.

This means that businesses should find an original type of content to post and try to understand how the app really works. If you’re a business owner too, and you’ve created a TikTok account for your business, you should know all the dos and don’ts.

Most of all, if you want your business to be successful on TikTok, you should know all the mistakes to avoid.

Here is a list of the worst mistakes you need absolutely to avoid:

  • Not promoting to the right audience

    Before starting your business, you surely defined your target audience. As you already know what your audience is, you should look for it on TikTok. Don’t follow random people with the aim to only increase the number of your followers, because by doing so, you’ll have a lot of useless followers, not interested in what you have to offer.
    So, follow people that may have an interest in what you sell. One of the ways to get the right people to follow you is to look at your competitor’s profiles and analyse their followers; plus, you should learn all the tips to grow your business on TikTok.

  • Not creating original content

    TikTok is the platform for creativity and originality and so should be your content. TikTok users get bored very soon when seeing similar or, even worse, same videos over and over.
    So, try to showcase your products or services in a new way never seen before; you can play with special effects, add original stickers and try different angle shots.

  • Not following the trends

    If you’re already familiar with TikTok, you may already know how much important trends are on the app.  The trend can relate to a sound, an effect or a hashtag.
    So, you should constantly track all the trends of the moment and use them in your videos. You can find the most trending hashtags in the discover section and all the best and most trending sounds in the TikTok viral section.
    If you want to find all the most trending effects, you simply need to click on effects when opening the camera to record a video and explore the first section that appears.

  • Not engaging with your followers

    The engagement with your followers should be constant and efficient. Remember always to answer to their comments and all the question they may have. And when you can, try to reciprocate by liking and commenting on their content; these actions will prove your interest for them.
    If you want to get even closer to your followers, you can consider going live for them.

  • Overselling

    Bear in mind that TikTok was first launched as an entertainment app and people are on it mostly to have fun. So, don’t oversell; in other words, don’t try to promote your products in exaggeration. People could get bored by this very soon and you could lose followers and consequentially your engagement rate will decrease.

For further tips about what mistakes to avoid on TikTok, watch this video:

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